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Legenda Fashion

Legenda Fashion S.L. is a company specialized in the design, manufacture and distribution of outwear with a trajectory of 20 years in the textile sector.

Our value of business differentiation is to provide a 360º service to our customers based on demand, going through the different organizational processes, as well as design, manufacturing, quality controls, import, logistics and product placement in the customer’s warehouse.

The continuous optimization of our value chain allows us to provide a personalized, flexible and transparent service to our customers, thus being able to absorb a large volume of demand. Our collections make 100 items of autumn / winter and 40 items of spring / summer, thus giving a wide range of possibilities to our customers. Our mission is to compete with the multinationals of the textile sector based on our experience, know-how and constant adaptation to our customers and our environment.

To learn more about our 360º services, you can see our Services section