Economic activity

Legenda Fashion

Legenda Fashion S.L. is a company specialized in the design, manufacture and distribution of outwear with a trajectory of 20 years in the textile sector.

Our value of business differentiation is to provide a 360º service to our customers based on demand, going through the different organizational processes, as well as design, manufacturing, quality controls, import, logistics and product placement in the customer’s warehouse.

360º Service


Production and Quality controls

Currently, the production of Legenda Fashion S.L. is located in the Asian continent in countries such as China, Cambodia and Myanmar. We also work with different fabrics, for example: cotton (100% cotton or blends), polyester, poly skin, nylon and others.

Import Logistic Services

Our extensive experience allows us to offer an optimal import service according to the needs of our customers.

Delivery to customers

Transparency, agility, punctuality and adaptation to our customers are our strengths and that’s the reason we work with large accounts. The fluidity of communication with the most important stakeholders, our customers, is of utmost importance for the company. For this reason, the production department and the logistics department are fully integrated for 5 years to optimize communication with customers.